Software & Services for Ophthalmics

Highest business efficiency
for best competitiveness

We bring our solution to the highest complexity, involving the commercial part with :

- sales price management, for a specific customer, or customer group,
- several discounting rules possibilities,
- delivery note management,
- invoicing,
- integration with financial host system.

Full management of the entire Rx lab operation.
Prodiving fully automatic order processing with highest reliability, thanks to :
- precise calculation engine (conventional),
- Interfacing with most known machinery and FreeForm Lens Designs,
- plausiblity check control,
- taking into account the production constrain,
- and its user-friendly operation.
LensOrder B2B
Ordering system for the optical store, Windows base, installed locally on the PC (multi-user installation possible), offering same functionalities as the lab order entry :

- tracer connection to import shape, and include it in the order to be sent to the lab,
- thickness lens consultation, with or without frame shape, even for Freeform lenses,
- lens index comparison,
- order status tracking,
- smart functions for online lens catalogue updates.
- order entry management offline.

The solution is extremly stable, reliable and appreciated by the labs and the thousands of opticians using it since several years already.

LensOrder B2B web
Based on the successful experience of our B2B solution, we have introduced a Web solution to answer a growing demand of the market. Our web solution has been developped to provide the most important funcionalities, that is :

- online calculation with or without shape,
- visualization of the lens thickness with or without frame shape,
- order tracking.

The technology used is based on PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS3, APACHE, MYSQL.

- Comfortable Maintenance of supplier and inventory tables
- Quantity management
- Consumption booking : Automatic and Rebooking (Mutation / Breakage)
- Re-Stocking management by CSV PO files
- Lenses / Blanks / Frames
- Stock evaluation / stock control tools
- Interface to financial system by CSV export
- Standard LensWare inventory reporting and statistics

- Full control of all production steps within the lab.
- Making sure that no operation is missed.
- Checking as well the sequence of the production steps is systimatically obeyed.
- Managing requested delivery time.
- Warning about delays, and automatically re-calculating new delivery date, according to the working capacity of the different departments.

Extented Features
Several add-ons are available such as :

- UnRound cribbing for KnifeEdge control and optimization

- Calculation of Sport lens & High prism for Rx lenses

- WebStatus update

- Implementation of CLBS Essilor process
Together with the modules installed, several reports are available, without extra-charge, allowing detailed analysis of relevant information related to the production, such as :
- productivity,
- delays,
- rejects,
- Freeform click-fees.

CSV exporting is possible for further data analysis.


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