Software & Services for Ophthalmics

We are expecting you

A unique seminar will be organized during OPTI MUNICH 2019, while sharing a gorgeous breakfast with our partners and friends, joining our commemoration.

Back to the future

The occasion will be taken to remind the exiting different phases of our company's growth, as well as to review the extended LensWare IT solutions available today.


We will present the highest efficiency within the whole process flow, inline with the approach of Industry 4.0, and the fully integrated SmartFactory. A special focus will be brought for :

. LensProductionControl : Production plan definition, process steps sequence check, calculation and real time recalculation of delivery time, alerts on delays and jobs which have not moved, blank validation, multiple booking stations freely configurable, breakage management.

. LensInspection : Import of measured data from lens meters, configuration of tolerances by customer, guidance of the measuring steps, configuration of the automatic Go-NoGo validation, identification of the measuring device, saving of the validated measurements in the database.

. Lab2Lab : Smartest way to expend business between partners, fully automatic routing of jobs to external labs, smart interface to configure lens codes and options to match the ones of the partner lab, online tracking of job status, allowing remote calculation with external calculations engines.

. LensSales : Management of complex product catalogues, with private label, prices lists, visualization of prices of each job, multiple discounting rules, collective delivery notes, invoicing, and integration with external accounting system.

. LensInventory : Realtime consumption analysis of ophthalmic products, trading articles and consumables, with smart configuration of the consumption average to suggest the quantities to be ordered, handling multiple providers for identical products, with accurate cost analysis.

all within a complete LMS-ERP package.

organized and coordinated by LENSGO!